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Advancing Exploration

Advancing Exploration Since 1878


Middle School is a wonderful time of transformation -- one that embraces challenges, makes connections and reveals a student's unique best path to academic and personal growth. In order to help our students grow, our Middle School curriculum is intellectually challenging while building upon previously learned skills. Our Middle School allows students to express their opinions, experience success, develop trust, and make decisions without fear. University Liggett Middle School Middle School students benefit from a core curriculum in language arts, math, science, foreign language and social studies combined with variety of exploratory opportunities.

We Bring Subjects to Life


In Middle School, learning begins in our classrooms, but it does not remain there. The flexibility of a University Liggett School education means the freedom to explore lessons in exciting and new ways.

We bring subjects to life - and that often means interactive hands-on opportunities and lessons beyond the classroom throughout a student’s Middle School experience.
Our small-by-design environment creates a Middle School that feels just like home - with classmates who support each other and teachers that really know every student. Our middle schoolers enter Upper School prepared, confident and inspired.


The Department of Creative and Performing Arts at University Liggett School is dedicated to serving the mission of the school by offering a carefully curated series of creative outlets in an array of art forms. Our program is student centered and allows individuals to grow as creative artists. We do so by providing innovative teaching, excellent resources and materials, and an approach that values growth and progress as much as achievement. We scaffold and provide structures as we allow students to draw connections to the world, meaning, and a life lived in and through understandings in the arts. We cultivate and encourage engagement through relevance and depth while students explore the value of learning from old answers. We proudly present the arts as part of the core curriculum, and our successes are measured by our students ability to demonstrate ethics, excellence and engagement in a variety of arts forms.


Students in the Middle School move through a program that provides a taste of theater from production to performance with stops in design along the way. As our Middle School learners to move through drama activities they become aware of the broad and historical impact that drama has on the human condition. Through activities in public speaking, theatrical performance, design thinking, and design iteration students gain valuable insight into the theatrical process. Middle School students are encouraged to participate with the Upper School in our musical, and also produce a production of their own each spring.


Middle School musicians build on creative skills learned in the Lower School music program through the choice of a large ensemble. Students may elect to sing in choir, learn a string instrument in orchestra, or learn a wind, brass, or percussion instrument in band. Students meaningfully create, perform, and respond to music from a variety of time periods and cultures while refining technique and skill.

Visual Arts

The Middle School visual arts program begins in sixth grade with a foundational course, which aims to develop creative thinking skills and foster artistic independence. In seventh and eighth grades, artists may pursue an intensive yearlong focus in studio art or choose from a number of elective courses built around the exploration of materials and ideas. Along this journey, artists develop their strengths, discover their interests, and cultivate their own unique creative voice.


Dedicated in 1996, the Manoogian Arts Wing is the center of the Creative and Performing Arts program at University Liggett School, housing a recital hall/band room, music rooms, art rooms, a photography studio, kilns, and faculty meeting space. It is also used for exhibited artwork, receptions, and community events. The Anderson Exhibition Center, dedicated in honor of Wendell W. Anderson, Jr., ’42 DUS, hosts the visiting artists and student art gallery. The gallery space hosts solo exhibitions of visiting artists, including opening receptions, which is open for public viewing during school hours. Student exhibitions, beginning in Kindergarten continuing through our advanced art program are also displayed in the gallery throughout the year.

8th Grade Celebration of Science

Our eighth-grade students embark on self-directed environmental science research projects during one quarter of the school year. The purpose of this project is to help students apply the skills they have learning in the Middle School science program to areas of their own interest, and to lay the foundation for more comprehensive, self-directed research projects later in the students’ academic lives here at University Liggett School. Students have the opportunity to explore a topic covered in class at a more in-depth level, or to select an entirely new area of exploration. This project is a platform wherein students pose a scientific question, conduct relevant research, develop and conduct an experiment to test a theory, analyze results, and present findings.

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