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Middle School girls love school

Imagine your Middle School student experiencing success, learning from failure, and developing both academic and personal confidence. It can happen at University Liggett School.  Liggett’s Middle School is a place of discovery where students gain a deeper understanding of who they are and who they want to be. Students have the unique opportunity to identify and realize their passions.

Our student-centered approach, small-by-design classes and expanded scheduling make room for in-depth experiences, analysis, and discussions, meaning our Middle School students enter Upper School prepared, confident and inspired.

The Liggett Approach In Middle School


8th-grade students conduct self-directed Environmental Science research projects, a platform for scientific questioning, testing and analyzing a theory, and presenting findings

Student-Led Conferences put students at the center of the discussion of their strengths and learning edges, their opportunities for growth, and their goals for continued progress. Building student agency to discuss their own learning is the embodiment of our student-centered approach to learning at University Liggett Middle School.

Students develop survival and urban navigation skills through class excursions

Middle School runs on an evidence-based schedule which supports our approach to education and the health and wellness of our students. A later start time reinforces what neuroscience tells us about the adolescent brain, sleep and learning.

Band students prepare a repertoire that is interesting to and chosen by a single student

Students create complex games from code to demonstrate computational thinking

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Paul Rossi
Head of Middle School

Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones
Assistant Head of Middle School