Middle School

Advancing Exploration Since 1878

Liggett’s Middle School is a place of discovery as students develop self-confidence and a deeper understanding of who they are and what they want to be. Our Middle School students experience success, learn from failure, develop trust, and build both academic and personal confidence. In Middle School, we value depth over breadth, relevance over rigor and skills over content. Our small-by-design classes and expanded scheduling make room for in-depth experiences, analysis, and discussions. Our Middle School students enter Upper School prepared, confident and inspired.

The Liggett Approach In Middle School

  • Student-Centered/Teacher Guided - Students Explore Code to Create Complex Games That Demonstrate an Understanding of Computational Thinking.
  • Choice and Passion = Engagement - A Band Student Selects a Repertoire that is Personally Relevant and Interesting, and the Entire Band Prepares it as a Group
  • Responsible Innovation - Students Use Minecraft to Find a Variety of Solutions for the Problem
  • Inquiry-based process and growth - 8th Grade Students Conduct Self-directed Environmental Science Research Project, a Platform for Scientific Questioning, Conducting Research, Experimenting, and Presenting Findings
  • Authentic Assessment - Students Showcase Understanding by Creating A/V Seesaw Posts That Are Shared With Peers and Family
  • Real World Connections - Students Develop Outdoor, Survival and Urban Navigation Skills Through Class Excursions