Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: Why we exist

(currently under review by the Board of Trustees)

Our mission is to empower students to develop intellectual curiosity, leadership and confidence to contribute to a complex and changing world. We challenge students to excel and to achieve their highest potential. We create opportunities for discovery and achievement by developing a faculty who foster the strengths of each student through the Liggett Approach. We teach and practice the values of respect and responsibility in an emotionally and physically safe environment.

— Adopted by the University Liggett School Board of Trustees, 2022 

Core Values: What we believe

Following a week of collective efforts during Core Values Week involving the entire ULS community, the Board of Trustees officially endorsed our Core Values: Community, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Empathy.



We believe that a community grounded in trust, belonging, and safety unites us, secure in the shared understanding that we are stronger together. We advance community by honoring our past, embracing that which we have in common, and celebrating the unique talents we each possess.




We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of our community and lives. We aspire to develop responsible citizens who are prepared to face the challenges of the future with steadfast character and a commitment to ethical decision-making. 







We believe that respect is an essential thread of the fabric of our community, creating an indispensable bond in our relationships with each other and the school. We aspire to ground our thoughts, words, and actions in a culture of respect, strengthening our appreciation for each other, for those who have come before us, for those who will follow in our footsteps, and for the diverse array of perspectives that thrive at University Liggett School.



We believe the pursuit of excellence is the foundation of our educational community. In that spirit, our academics, programs, and experiences prepare students to be lifelong learners who impact the world for the better.







We believe empathy is vital for our collective commitment to humanity and our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Community members consistently embody empathy through the practices of inclusion, kindness, compassion, and equity, thereby affirming the dignity of every human being.


— Adopted by the University Liggett School Board of Trustees, 2024

Our core values guide us in how we treat each other and live together as a community. 

Vision: Where we are going

community visioning day_save the date graphic

Save the Date for Community Visioning Day on Saturday, April 27. Join us to imagine our future as we shape the vision for University Liggett School. Community Visioning Day is an important opportunity for you to be a part of what will lead ULS into the future. Space is limited to 250 participants. Mark your calendars and look for registration details soon!