Upper School

Advancing Critical Thinking Since 1878

Our Upper School students take ownership of the learning process, accepting challenges and harnessing their passions to craft an educational experience that’s designed to make the most of everything they have to offer. In this exceptional four-year program, students continue building core academic skills, evolving their studies into a customized academic program comprising highly personalized electives. As a result, our students control their academic destiny and ultimately thrive at the country’s top universities and beyond.

The Liggett Approach In Upper School

  •  Student-Centered/Teacher Guided - Trigonometry students calculated the angle of an upper school ramp and provided school administration with mathematical solutions to make the ramp ada-compliant
  • Choice and Passion = Engagement - Academic Research Program, Where Students Engage in Four Years of Choice-Driven Research
  • Responsible Innovation - Any changes to the curriculum are based on credible research. For example, when designing the Academic Research Program, department chairs met with researchers from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education to develop the framework. These same researchers provided constructive feedback throughout the first year of the program
  • Inquiry-based process and growth -In “Origins of Civilization'' Students Explore What is the Nature of Humankind? and Why do Humans Engage in Civilization? Throughout the Class
  • Authentic Assessment - The Ligg (Non-fiction Writing) Reporters Undergo Full Newsroom Editorial Process, Led by Students
  • Real World Connections - Students research and design a project about contemporary women who challenge social paradigms after reading ”Joan Of Arc & the Hundred Years War: Modern Joans”