Why University
Liggett School?

Guided on a journey of self-discovery in a safe and supportive environment, students learn to embrace and explore their freedom. While the University Liggett School approach to education has evolved with the changing needs of each generation of students, we haven't wavered from our original mission; "to help young people more completely realize that which is within them and in doing so make positive contributions to society."

University Liggett School was founded on the belief that knowing one's strengths, passions and abilities are key to finding one's place in the world. Our community has endured for more than 100 years because we continually adapt and move forward without ever straying from our principles. Today, our students continue to learn more, experience more and go on to do more.


Seeing is Believing

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Message from our Head of School


Welcome to University Liggett School! For more than 140 years, University Liggett School has provided an outstanding education to students who go on to lives of consequence, purpose, and fulfillment.

As you browse our digital home, I hope you get a sense of those special characteristics that make me so proud not only to lead this fine school but also to be a delighted parent of two of its students.

You’ll learn about our dynamic educational approach, which places students at the center of the learning process and encourages their interests and passions, and which values new questions over old answers.

You’ll meet our dedicated faculty, who are experts in their fields but love, at the heart of their work, teaching students. From the classroom to the laboratory to the stage to the field, committed teachers and coaches ensure every child is known and loved.

And, most importantly, you’ll meet some of our outstanding students, who pursue excellence each and every day with curiosity, passion, and joy.


Bart Bronk
Bart Bronk
90% of students matriculate to their
top-choice school
1:8 Faculty to student
60 Different zip codes make up our student body
3.5 million dollars in college scholarships