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Building Our Future Together - An Overview

In November 2023, University Liggett School launched a 10-month, community-wide process to shape the future of our school through a four-part process focused on the foundational elements of our community:

ULS 4 elements

When our work is complete, we will have affirmed our most central beliefs, clarified the fundamental reasons for the school’s existence, established where our journey will lead in the years ahead, and developed the road map to complete our journey.

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Building Our Future Together - Timeline for Our Work

ULS Strategic Plan Timeline

Strategic Planning Committee

The Board of Trustees consulted with ULS community leaders to identify 17 individuals to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee. These individuals represent trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni who will work together under the guidance of the Board to lead our strategic planning process. They bring a variety of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives to our work, which they will undertake on behalf of, and through the inclusion of, the entire ULS community.

Headshots FIN

Top row, from left: Michelle Cureton, Jennifer Dickey, Paul Duhaime, Kelley Hamilton, Adam Hellebuyck, and Chris Hemler
Middle row, from left: Elizabeth Jamett, Mandy Johnson, Maureen Juip, Gretchen Knoell, and David Nicholson
Bottom row, from left: Jennie Osman, Joan Primo '77, Paul Rossi, Tom Sheppard, Tony Smith, and Leython Williams '03

Center for Strategic Planning

We have retained Christina Drouin, founder and executive director of the Center for Strategic Planning, to partner with us throughout this process. Drouin is a national leader in the field of independent school strategic planning and contributor to a book published by the National Association of Independent Schools titled, "The Strategic Process: 10 Steps for Planning Your Independent School’s Future."