Board of Trustees

At University Liggett School, our Board of Trustees serves as a cornerstone of our institution's governance, overseeing the school's strategic vision, financial sustainability, and long-term vitality. Comprising a diverse group of accomplished individuals, the board's commitment to educational excellence and its fiduciary responsibilities ensure that ULS remains a thriving and innovative independent school dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Richard Berri ‘92

Doug Blatt

Richard P. Dahling ’77

Lore Moran Dodge ‘68

Paul Duhaime

Dr. Sonia Eden ‘92

Dr. Kristen Feemster-Kim ‘91

Calvin Ford ‘02

Carla Haladjian

Jody Ingle



Maureen Juip

Gretchen Knoell, Treasurer

Rick Leonard

Aaron Montgomery ‘96

David A. Nicholson, President

Nicholas Noecker ‘85

Rebecca D’Arcy O’Reilly ’96, Vice President

Raymond Pitera

Joan Primo ‘77


BB Friedberg Reis ‘69

Joe Schmitt

Savarior Service

Tom Sheppard, ex officio

Tony Smith, Secretary

John W. Stroh III ‘78

Cynthia Ford, Honorary Trustee

Ruth R. Glancy, Honorary Trustee

William W. Shelden, Jr.,  Honorary Trustee



School Leadership Team

Our team of seasoned professionals brings together diverse expertise, a passion for nurturing young minds, and a commitment to upholding our school's values. Together, we work tirelessly to ensure a vibrant and supportive learning environment for every student on their journey to academic and personal growth. The Leadership Team at University Liggett School is a group of visionary educators and experienced professionals dedicated to steering our institution toward academic excellence while nurturing the comprehensive growth of every student.
Tom Sheppard Headshot 4

Tom Sheppard
Head of School

Kelley Hamilton
Associate Head of School and Chief Operating Officer

Peggy Dettlinger
Assistant Head of School and Head of Lower School

Shernaz Minwalla
Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School

Paul Rossi
Assistant Head of School and Head of Middle School

Leython Williams Cropped II

Leython Williams
Assistant Head of School for Athletics and Ancillary Programs

Anca Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer

Cressie Boggs 
Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Michelle Cureton 
Director of Community Engagement and Belonging

Nick Dumas
Director of Information Technology


Frank Mourtos
Director of Operations and Safety

Stephanie Sikora
Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing

Adam Hellebuyck
Dean of Curriculum and Assessment

Mike Medvinsky
Dean of Pedagogy and Innovation

Maureen Solak
Executive Assistant to the Head of School