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Mailed twice a year, Perspective is the magazine for University Liggett School and it features information about what's happening with our students and faculty on campus and also interesting news and updates from our broader alumni community. Perspective can be accessed online below and a print version is mailed to all active alumni in the spring and fall.

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On March 13, 2020, the world stopped. Not just our world, but the entire world shut down churches, restaurants, bars, even “elective surgeries” of heart stents, dental work, and Ophthalmological procedures. All hospitals were concentrating on getting enough beds and ventilators to handle the growing numbers of critically ill patients with COVID-19. Our vocabulary was altered by such phrases as “social distancing,” “shelter in place,” and “six-foot minimums.” Washing your hands included instructions for how to and how long. Wardrobe accessories included “must have” protective masks and gloves. The new normal was staying at home unless you happened to have a job considered essential or you needed to buy groceries, drugs, or gasoline.

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