A Fundamentally Better Approach to Education - The Liggett Approach

Education should be anything but standard.
School shouldn’t happen to children... it should matter to them.

From Pre-K3 through 12th grade, students become active participants in their learning experience. They learn by doing. They discover their passions. They ask new questions, rather than memorizing answers to old ones. They clear their own path filled with inquiry, investigation and analysis. And, in doing so, learning brings meaning to their lives.

The objective of our guiding philosophy is genuine understanding, not static knowledge. How students reach this objective is purposeful, methodical and at the same time as unique as every student in our school. 

  • Student-Centered/Teacher Guided - Educators provide structure, students make meaning
  • Choice and Passion = Engagement -  Learning takes hold when students care
  • Responsible Innovation - We endure because we change
  • Inquiry-based process and growth - New questions are more valuable than old answers
  • Authentic Assessment - We evaluate growth and understanding, not memorization
  • Real-World Connections - Students derive personal meaning from looking outward

From our youngest learners on up, the Liggett Approach emboldens our students by giving them the tools and the confidence to answer their own questions and cultivate their passions, thereby assuring an understanding of the world that is deeply, individually meaningful. The Liggett Approach is our approach because it makes school matter.