The Liggett Approach: A Fundamentally Better Approach to Education


At University Liggett School, we understand that as prospective parents, you're seeking the best education for your child. Our approach is designed to cultivate a rich, meaningful learning experience for each student. Here's how we do it:

Building Skills for True Understanding: We focus on developing skills that drive understanding. Think of it like a car journey – skills are the engine, content is the road, and understanding is the destination. We ensure students have a well-maintained engine (serious skill development) while navigating the content road to reach their destination (understanding).

Student-Centered, Teacher-Guided Learning: Our classrooms prioritize student voice and inquiry. Your child will be at the center of their learning, asking deep questions that shape their education, while our teachers guide and tailor lessons to honor those questions.

Embracing Growth and Process: We celebrate both achievements and the journey. Recognizing effort, growth, and the learning process is just as important as acknowledging outstanding work. We promote a growth mindset to support your child's socio-emotional well-being.

Students as Meaning-Makers: We empower students to make meaning for themselves. Our educators facilitate learning experiences where students actively engage, organize information, and apply knowledge – this is true academic rigor.

Assessment as Feedback: Assessment is a tool for feedback, not just grades and rankings. We use various assessment methods to provide meaningful feedback to both students and teachers, guiding their future learning.

Connecting to the Real World: Your child's education should connect to the world beyond our walls. We foster partnerships with the local and global community and incorporate current events and to make learning relevant.


New questions are more valuable than old answers

We evaluate growth and understanding, not memorization

Students derive personal meaning from looking outward

We endure because we change

Learning takes hold when students care

Educators provide structure, students make meaning

Cultivating Student Passions: We encourage and nurture your child's interests and passions. Choice is a pathway to engagement, helping them develop the academic stamina for complex ideas and issues.

Rigor through Relevance and Depth: Rigor is achieved through depth, not just covering a wide range of topics. We delve deeply into concepts relevant to our students, ensuring they truly understand and can apply their knowledge.

Inquiry-Driven Learning: Asking questions and seeking answers is at the heart of our teaching. Students learn to ask deep, relevant questions and conduct research to explore solutions while building a strong foundation in skills and content.

Customized Learning Experience: Education should be tailored to each student's learning style. While we value common experiences, we avoid standardization, ensuring an equitable education for all students.

Responsible Innovation: We embrace innovation, but it's always supported by research and exemplars. Our expert teachers collaborate to try new approaches, modeling growth - and process mindsets for our students.

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