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Exceptional education & value

Included in the cost of a Liggett education are the supplementary supplies and resources that ensure our learners have what they need to experience Liggett to the fullest. But the most essential gifts of a Liggett education are intangible...our students can’t touch them, but they will touch their lives forever. Empowerment to break through boundaries. Ownership of their academic growth. Growth through failure.

We approach every student and each day from a place of pure and limitless possibility, with our student-centered approach to learning and an environment that supports meaningful risks and rewards. And these invaluable experiences give our students the freedom to learn on their terms and the confidence to impart that knowledge for the good of our world.

2022-2023 Tuition

Lower school PreK (3 yr olds) $8,950 - $19,520
PreK (4 yr olds) $13,240 - $19,520
Grades K-2 $25,115
Grades 3-5 $25,730
Middle school Grades 6-8 $27,970
Upper school Grade 9-12 $32,900

Covered by Tuition & Generous Donors

Daily Lunch & Snack
Hardcover Yearbook
Field Trips
Makerspace & Supplies
Full Time School Nurse
Licensed Psychologists/Support Staff
Weekly Open Family Skate
Ice Rink - PE
Athletic - Fee to Play
Athletic Team Uniforms
Fitness Center & Training
Overnight Trips, Camps & Excursions
Hockey - Ice Time
College Guidance Services
Class Ring
Immersion Week experiences


We recognize that the full cost of an independent school education is beyond the means of many outstanding students and families. Tuition assistance at University Liggett School is available to bridge the gap between what a family can afford and the cost of an independent school education. As a result, our students represent a broad range of socioeconomic backgrounds, creating a student body diverse in thought and experience all on a journey of discovery together.

Tuition Assistance funds are finite and are typically exhausted each school year by the February deadline. Applicant families requesting financial aid are encouraged to apply early.

Liggett Merit Scholars are active citizens; they set the bar high, take pride in their work, and thrive in Liggett’s challenging and innovative curriculum. Liggett Merit Scholars have gone on to some of the finest institutions in the world.