Advancing Wonder.

Advancing Wonder


University Liggett School’s prekindergarten program uses the self-guided Reggio Emilia approach to learning — one that encourages children to draw upon their innate curiosities, empowering them to ask questions and explore both independently and collaboratively their understanding of the world and their place within it.

Based on extensive developmental research, the Reggio Emilia philosophy views education as a partnership — not only between the students and their teachers, but also between their parents and the classroom environment.

play with purpose leads to possibility

University Liggett School’s expert teachers, most of whom have advanced degrees in their fields, guide students through a curriculum driven by the interests of the child. Through hands-on research and play, students lead short- and long-term projects that develop organically, encouraging them to ask questions that require exploration and investigation. As a result, children develop the confidence to become resourceful risk-takers and problem-solvers.

The classroom environment — itself a warm, nurturing place, much like home — teaches peaceful learning and draws upon physical spaces that are inspired by the children. Children learn to respect each other and to respect their peers while finding endless ways to express themselves as they establish the foundation for advancing their full potential. In addition, our classrooms are bright, modern learning centers that offer children a wide variety of materials and experiences to foster individual growth.

ask. learn. do.

They explore, question and wonder, and in by doing so, they learn. University Liggett School prekindergarten students use their senses, their minds and their bodies to find out about and make sense of what they see, feel and experience in the world around them.


This happens through play, site visits, guest speakers and hands-on activities that allow our students to be creative and to make discoveries.


Our prekindergarten students learn and develop new skills through play, movement, creation, examination and exploration. Young learners have an innate drive to understand the workings of their world. We encourage and foster a love of learning.


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