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University Liggett School to welcome Sen. Kevin Hertel as the guest speaker for Middle School Leadership Days

University Liggett School is pleased to announce that Senator Kevin Hertel (D-St. Clair Shores) will address students during Middle School Leadership Days on Friday, September 8. Senator Hertel's presence at the event is a testament to his commitment to education and leadership development within the community. As the elected representative for the Grosse Pointe Woods district, Hertel's participation in Leadership Days holds special significance. His experience in public service and governance makes him an ideal speaker to inspire and guide young minds on the path to effective leadership. Taking place during the opening week of school, Middle School Leadership Days are an integral part of University Liggett School's commitment to nurturing leadership qualities among its eighth-grade students. The multi-day event encompasses a series of activities that focus on leadership and service-oriented learning. These activities are crafted to equip students with essential skills and insights as they transition into leadership roles within the middle school environment. A standout feature of the Leadership Days is the guest speaker session, which has consistently proven to be impactful for the students. Hertel's address will undoubtedly enrich this tradition, as he shares his personal journey as a leader and imparts valuable lessons on skill development and effective leadership practices.