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Three-Day Celebration of Research will showcase seniors’ Academic Research Projects

The seniors will present ambitious, independent research projects during the Celebration of Research, which is open to the public from May 30 - June 1.

The Academic Research Project is the cornerstone of a University Liggett School education and the culmination of nearly two years of research on a chosen topic. The three-day event will be from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, May 30; Wednesday, May 31 and Thursday, June 1.

Students will showcase everything from artwork, science experiments, films and creative writing to presentations about economics, sports, mental health and history. 

Each night of the Celebration of Research begins with a lecture or film series for an hour followed by poster and gallery presentations in common areas and workshops in various classrooms.

“The program this year resembles that of a conference in which participants can choose a platform to learn about all sorts of interesting topics. Community members can enjoy a different experience each night,” said Shernaz Minwalla, Head of Upper School. 

For their Academic Research Projects, students develop a research question, which can be in any field, then design and carry out a research plan over three semesters, culminating in a major research paper and presentation of their findings.The project expands beyond the boundaries of the school – students work with mentors at metro Detroit universities, health systems and corporations, while others work with out-of-state mentors and experts around the world.