Calling All Alumni: We Need ARP Mentors!

We're working hard to create a University Liggett School career network so that alumni of all ages can use their connection with the school to further their own careers and/or help other alumni to do so as well. We also want to connect current upper school students who need help with their Academic Research Projects with alumni mentors in a given field who can assist them with some (or all) elements of their chosen project/topic.

ULS's Upper School is built around a four-year Academic Research Program that culminates with the Academic Research Project — a project in which students select a topic during their junior year and spend the next 18 months fully immersed in researching it. 

For their Academic Research Projects, students think about their own passions and interests, then pose and answer a relevant academic question. The project expands beyond the boundaries of the school — some students work with mentors at area universities, health systems, and other organizations as well as conduct scholarly research online and off-site.

ARP Alumni Mentor Job Description

The academic/professional mentor is an internal or external expert who works closely with the student.

The mentor:

  • Helps the student establish a practical methodology for completing the research
  • Provides expertise and resources that refine and enhance the project, including, when possible, internship opportunities
  • Consults with the student and tutor on the feasibility of the goals and plans of the project
  • Provides feedback and guidance on the progress and quality of the project
  • Provides opportunities for the student to share the work with a broader professional audience

An effective mentor/student relationship requires regular communication, typically via email, between mentor and student and at least one real-time (phone or in person) conversation per month. Mentors can expect to devote 2-4 hours per month until the student completes his/her project.

If you think you could lend a hand in these areas, please contact Katie Durno at 313.884.4444 ext. 414 or e-mail her at

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