More to Explore @ Prekindergarten

Project Approach

We build upon childrens’ natural curiosities through Project Work, starting in prekindergarten. Our students ask themselves what they already know about a topic; they conduct research to discover what more they want to know; and, finally, they demonstrate and share what they've learned.

A brilliant example of this is our prekindergarten class’ exploration of fabrics. Arising organically from students’ interest in classroom scrap fabric, teachers led a discussion on “What do we know about fabrics?” The class discovered that there was much more to the topic than clothing, alone. That simple ask of questioning led to a wonderfully interwoven set of inquiries, discoveries and hands-on experiences that unfolded throughout the school year to deepen student connection with the topic and its place in their world.

Through the Fabric Project, our teachers integrated the subject matter in a variety of ways to bring about greater meaning and understanding:

  • Identifying the numerous ways fabrics appear in our lives and asking students to bring in examples of those
  • Sorting, labeling and describing fabric samples for presentation
  • Engaging the students in textile art projects, including tie-dyeing and batik
  • Fine tuning small motor skills with weaving and sewing projects, including Monster Dolls.
  • Integrating physical education with the use of student-created dancing ribbons
  • Exploring the science of fabrics, as well as the different ways fabrics are used and valued around the globe
Prekindergarten fun with Parachute in gym class

Physical Education

Our goal is to enhance each child’s inherent love of movement, while introducing preliminary skills and concepts, including regular participation and good sportsmanship. The Pre-K physical education program purposefully -- and joyfully -- introduces and builds on students' critical locomotor, manipulative and interpersonal skills. Prekindergarten students enjoy regularly scheduled classes with our Lower School Physical Education teacher, as well as daily movement either outside on our playground, or in our multisensory room.

Did you know?

We offer a variety of half- and full-day options for our littlest learners, as well as Extended Care after school.