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The Mad Scientists

Mad Scientist Camp

Come join us for a class taught by Mark Sonnenberg and designed to find the MIND-BLOWING Scientist in all of us. Have you seen the crazy things that you can do with dry ice? Dangerously cold! Care to experience Elephant Toothpaste? It's super hot! Do you know what happens when sodium metal is placed in water? It's quite explosive! How about sulfuric acid and sugar? We'll be safe, but the results are toxic! How flammable do you think hydrogen gas is? Very! We will put eggs in vinegar, corn syrup, then water over the course of a few days causing some very weird results. And these are just SOME of the awesome things we will experience. And we're not talking demos – you'll get to do these experiments YOURSELF.

So if you like to blow things up and make chemical reactions your mom would never let you do at home come be a MAD SCIENTIST with Mr. S! (Don't worry, moms ... we'll be safe!)

For rising 2nd – 5th graders
August 5 – August 8, 12:00 p.m. – 2 p.m.

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