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Wellness, Inside and Out, at Liggett

We know that good grades are no good if the body and mind of the student aren’t cared for. That’s why at University Liggett School, we make the physical and mental well-being of our students just as important as their academic progress.

Let’s start with the ways we support the mental health of our students, for without that it can be difficult to thrive in other areas. We employ one school psychologist and one social worker for the benefit of our students. These staff members have one-to-one conversations with students; are resources for families with questions about their student’s behavior; can be part of a team of Liggett educators in arriving at solutions for students; and can coordinate directly with offsite mental health professionals (with the permission of guardians) to ensure that the full mental health picture is understood both in, and out, of school.

Liggett is also known for the extraordinarily close relationships our students form with their teachers, coaches and staff members. Our environment, where students are known not just by name but by interests, passions and background allows for faculty and staff to offer resources when appropriate. 

Physical wellness is also remarkably important at our school. We offer numerous opportunities for students from all divisions to focus on and improve their physical health. Programmed daily physical activity, whether through physical education or recess,  begins with our little learners in PreK and follows them, every school day, through Middle School.   Often cited as one of the best parts of their day, all of these students participate in physical exercise each day, whether through recess or physical education. In the Upper School, there is a two-extracurricular minimum, which for most of our students means they play on at least one if not two sports teams each year.

In Middle School, daily phys-ed continues and extracurricular athletics begin. Several of our Middle School teams are also open to 5th-grade athletes. All students learn to recognize, accept, and value their strengths, and goal setting challenges them to achieve their personal best.  In Upper School athletics, our 19 teams fiercely compete against the region’s – and often, the state’s – most competitive independent schools. With an Everyone Plays policy,  our Upper School program is not only a place for athletes with sights on college play, but a place for anyone to try a sport for the first time. We offer a stacked gym with fitness trainers for both our upper school athletes and our faculty and staff.

But, first lunch. We know that students cannot learn and athletes cannot win without a balanced lunch in the middle of the day…and this isn’t the cafeteria lunch from your youth. We offer homemade from scratch entrees, 100% fruit juice, a huge garden fresh salad bar with homemade and gluten-free dressing, hormone-free milk, hand-marinated, grilled lean meats, and a deli bar for the sandwich artists. You’ll find students of all ages making huge salads for themselves, grabbing an apple or banana for a between-class snack and trying new foods.

Also, last but far from least,  our full-time registered nurse is a beloved resource who both ensures our students are taking their medications and receiving care for bumps and scrapes, and provides comfort when the unexpected occurs. Because the well-being of our students is our number one priority.