12_Angry_Fall Play 2019

University Liggett School Patrons Program supports the arts 10/18/2019

We invite you to have a richer theatre experience by becoming a patron of the University Liggett School players. With your gift, the show can go on.


University Liggett School patrons are more than just members. They are a dedicated group of supporters who recognize that the arts are an important and valued educational tool. Members of our patrons’ program support students who attend state and national festivals and enjoy special access to all of the arts activities at University Liggett School. In addition to receiving reserved seats at the Upper School productions, you will be invited to a pre-show event for the fall play and the winter musical.


This year, the University Liggett School Players are presenting 12 Angry Jurors as the fall play and Cinderella as the spring musical.


Patrons go the extra mile and help University Liggett School meet whatever challenges come our way. Let our students know that you love the theatre and care about ensuring opportunities for artists by becoming a patron member today.


To become a patron, visit