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University Liggett School hosts Community STEAM Faire filled with hands-on and interactive activities

University Liggett School invites the community to tinker, wonder, and make at the school’s second-annual Community STEAM Faire on November 4th at ULS’s Boll Campus Center. The Community STEAM Faire is designed to give children of all ages (who must be accompanied by an adult) a forum for experiencing STEAM through more than 30 DIY make-and-take booths and live science demonstrations. STEAM, an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking, is an integral part of a ULS education. “STEAM is an integrative approach that encourages different ways of thinking as it develops a range of important skills. Investigating STEAM with children of all ages introduces them to an endless world of possibilities,” said Michael Medvinsky, University Liggett School’s Dean of Pedagogy and Innovation. Examples of hands-on and interactive activities attendees can participate in are: Biology-in-Action Booth: Three doctors have created an interactive experience for scientists of all ages to notice and wonder about microscopic life. Life Under the Lens: Attendees can look through the microscope and see what everyday objects look like magnified. Medical Detectives: Attendees can experience the different stages of an autopsy by virtually dissecting different anatomy. Allergy Busters: Attendees can use autoinjectors and asthma inhalers to learn about allergic reactions and common allergens. Vortex Cannons Booth: Experience the science of air dynamics with various-sized vortex cannons and witness the power of controlled air currents. At this booth, attendees will create their very own vortex cannon, putting into practice the science behind angular momentum. Look Up! Booth: Try celestial observation using two remarkable telescopes. Weather permitting, we'll aim our telescopes at the sun or one of the daytime planets, offering you an opportunity to see stars or planets in daylight hours. Wind Tunnel Booth: Come learn about aerodynamics at our Wind Tunnel booth. Our wind tunnel’s unique design lets us pivot the tube vertically, horizontally, or on an angle - perfect for comparing the results of wind and its relationship with direction. College for Creative Studies Booth: Gravity Sketch: Artistically combine creativity and innovation with Gravity Sketching. CCS will blend the realms of art and technology, introducing you to the fascinating concept of creating art in virtual reality. This cutting-edge technique combines principles of physics with artistic expression, allowing you to create 3D sculptures in virtual space. Stop Motion: Join forces with CCS and fellow attendees to co-create a crowd-sourced stop-motion claymation video. Attendees can utilize their creative filmmaking skills to carefully pose intricate clay characters in settings, employ cutting-edge stop-motion software and equipment, and engage in collaborative artistry. Make Your Own Paint: Attendees will have the chance to craft their very own paint from scratch, combining various pigments and mediums to create a personalized color palette. CCS’s expert instructors will guide you through the chemistry of color mixing and the physics of paint viscosity, making this a hands-on both for art and science. “We are passionate about creating real-world applications to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We are very excited to gather such an engaging group of thinkers, makers, tinkerers, and innovators who all have designed hands-on experiences for the community to enjoy at our second annual STEAM Faire,” Medvinsky added. Monetary and in-kind sponsors for this exciting event are as follows: CHRO Solutions, the Torigian Family, the Ingle Family, the Updike Family, the Medvinsky Family, John and Ann Cameron, Michelle Henry Schultz MD GPUS '66, Preferred Dental Practice, the Nausieda Family, Midtown Composting, Macomb Battery Service, Lowes and Ace Hardware. This event is free and open to the public. Learn more or register to attend at