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University Liggett School alumna Hope Kulka ‘19 showcases her remarkable artwork at Guest Artist Opening Reception

University Liggett School (ULS) proudly presents a captivating art exhibition by the exceptionally talented artist, Hope Kulka, a 2019 ULS graduate. The exhibition, on display throughout the month of September, showcases Kulka's evolution from a budding artist during her time in Upper School at ULS to a thriving professional artist Kulka graduated from the College of Creative Studies (CCS) in May. Kulka's journey at ULS was marked by her dedication to the arts, culminating in an academic research project that stunned both students and faculty alike. Her interactive art exhibit left an indelible mark on the school, foreshadowing her promising career in the art world. Today, Kulka stands as a shining example of the exceptional education and creative environment fostered at ULS. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Hope Kulka and her outstanding contributions to the world of art. Don't miss this opportunity to experience her transformative work at our Guest Artist Opening Reception at 6 p.m. Thursday, September 7. The exhibition will also feature CCS artists Madelyn Taylor, Aaron Murray and Stephen Klimushyn. About Hope Kulka: Hope Kulka is a gifted artist and 2019 graduate of University Liggett School. She recently graduated from the College of Creative Studies and is now pursuing a career as a professional artist. Her work is known for its creativity, depth, and ability to engage and inspire audiences. Hope's art is on display at University Liggett School throughout September, offering a unique opportunity for the community to experience her remarkable talent.