ULS celebrates ARP documentary premiere 02/03/2020

On January 27, University Liggett School hosted a community screening of its documentary, “Making School Matter: University Liggett School and the Academic Research Program.” This documentary is the culmination of a four-year documentary project that followed four ULS students as they participated in the Academic Research Program, a rigorous curriculum that takes a subject they are passionate about and turns it into an in-depth research project that teaches them the skills they will need to prepare for success in college. Viewers watched as, from their freshman to senior years, the students mature, their interest change and develop, and by graduation they have become experts on topics that could end up changing the world.

The event, which coincided with the documentary’s Detroit Public Television debut, was a night of celebration for the entire school community. Following the viewing of the film in the University Liggett School auditorium, a panel of Academic Research Project “experts” took the stage to discuss the filmmaking process and field questions from the audience. Shernaz Minwalla, ULS ARP Director; Oliver Thornton, Film Producer; Jack Elsey, ULS ’00 Alum and ARP mentor; Maria Fields ’20, Current University Liggett School Senior; William Kopicki, Father to film subject/alum Billy ’19 gave insight into how being involved in this extended project changed their lives and the lives of those they support and love.

The 27-minute long video is accessible for on demand viewing and sharing at