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STEAM @ Liggett

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) is everywhere you look at University Liggett School. Whether in Prek or the 12th grade, students are immersed in STEAM each day, often without realizing it. That matters because STEAM's focus on hands-on learning with real-world applications helps develop a variety of skill sets, including creativity and 21st-century skills. 

Students in our Lower, Middle and Upper School have the opportunity to join a robotics team at their respective divisional level. Currently, we have a Lower School team advancing to a State championship, a Middle School team that recently won the “Control Award” for best robotics controller, and an Upper School team that won the world championship last year.

Innovation & Design Lab 

Our Maker Space is a space consisting of three adjacent rooms that support students in the design thinking process: Design, Prototype, Fabricate and Test. The room is equipped with a variety of tools to assist students in creating projects or solving problems, including electronics for coding robots, a 3-D printer, a laser cutter and creative software like Adobe and Minecraft for Education. You are as likely to see an Innovation & Design student there as you are a history or a math student, all there to create artifacts to either solve a problem or illustrate an idea.


There are so many examples of coding at ULS, but here are just a few. Students in the Lower School learn sequencing, and build their critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills through coding robots, Dot and Dash. They also use the apps Scratch Jr. and Kodable in class to create hummingbird robots. In Middle School, English students write stories and then code a game to further illustrate their tales. And in Upper School, math students code the quadratic formula and demonstrate their solution in a platform for parents to see.


The Upper School environmental science students use a hydroponics lab to learn about hydroponics as a possible solution to the tough agricultural processes of tilling, which destroys microbes and depletes the soil, and our eighth graders use it to illustrate discussions of climate change and agricultural practices.

The Arts

The Creative and Performing Arts Department at University Liggett School engages students from PreK to 12th grade in high quality arts experiences that elicit deep engagement. A robust visual arts program that grows more elective as students move through Middle and Upper school; a vibrant performance art program where students across divisions can participate in a carefully selected theater and musical performance each year; and a joyful but disciplined music program, where students begin on a string instrument in the 3rd grade.