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Making School Matter Podcast: Place-Based Humanities Education

Hear from University Liggett School's Adam Hellebuyck and Chris Hemler on how the place-based humanities education model impacts student learning and engagement in the classroom.

In this episode, Mike Medvinsky talks with Adam Hellebuyck, University Liggett School's Dean of Curriculum and Assessment, and Chris Hemler, University Liggett School's Cynthia N. Ford Chair of History and the Social Studies, about the place-based education model in the study of the humanities. More than eight years ago, Hellebuyck and Hemler redesigned University Liggett School's 10th grade United States History class to be taught through a Detroit and Michigan lens. A focus on the places, people, and events in the students' communities has made a tremendous impact on learning and engagement. It also made a positive impact on their teaching approach.

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