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Making School Matter Podcast: Scientific Modeling

In this episode, Mike Medvinsky talks with Jamie Fugitt, Upper School Chemistry Teacher, and Jennifer Larson, Upper School Biology Teacher, about how they've incorporated Scientific Modeling in their classrooms and the positive impact it has made in their teaching and their students' learning and engagement in the classroom.

What is Scientific Modeling? It's a practice of teaching that emphasizes active student construction of conceptual and mathematical models in an interactive learning community. Students are engaged with simple scenarios to learn to model the physical world. As one expert shares, "in scientific modeling, students 'do' science."

Last year, Jennifer Larson and Jamie Fugitt attended workshops hosted by the Michigan Modeling Instruction to learn about how to incorporate scientific modeling in their classrooms. They've implemented the model in their classroom and are extremely pleased with the outcomes on their students and classroom culture.

Larson and Fugitt will continue to master the scientific modeling practice with their students while also engaging with educator peers to expand its use and impact in the education field.

Listen here.