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Science Writer Lindsay Brownell ’06 to Speak at 2023 Ring & Founders Day

Lindsay Brownell Ring and Founders Day Speaker

We are delighted to announce that Lindsay Brownell will be the featured speaker at Ring & Founders Day on Friday, May 5, 2023. Lindsay graduated from University Liggett School in 2006 and attended Davidson College where she earned a BA in English and a BS in Biology in 2010. While at Davidson College, Lindsay co-founded the Eco-House, Club Swim Team, and Club Karate Team. Following graduation from Davidson, she worked in online advertising at Google in Ann Arbor, MI for two and a half years. In 2013 she was accepted into the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT, and the following year began her career in science writing. 

Lindsay has worked for multiple institutions in academia and industry, including the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and RA Capital Management. She is also a freelance writer, and her work has appeared in publications like MIT Tech Review, Scientific American, Harvard Magazine, and New Scientist. Lindsay is currently the Editorial Content Manager at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, where she writes and edits internal and external stories about the cutting-edge research happening at the Wyss. She also coordinates with members of the media and partner organizations, runs multiple training programs and event series for the Institute's researchers, and helps develop and execute science communications projects and strategies. 

Outside of work, Lindsay teaches 305 Fitness dance classes at local gyms in Boston and enjoys outdoor activities including Ultimate Frisbee, skiing, hiking, and watersports. She has traveled to more than 40 countries, and when COVID-19 shut down international flights, she started taking online voice lessons (but still only performs at karaoke nights). She loves ATP synthase and iambic pentameter equally and wants to remind you that you are a highly derived lungfish.