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Farewell to departing faculty

When ULS alumni run into each other on the street, their shared experiences often create an immediate bond. Central to these experiences are the faculty who make Liggett...Liggett.

While many faculty make ULS their home for their entire career, others spend only a portion of their career with us. This year, we say farewell five members of our community and thank them for their service to our students. Each has made an impact on our community and we know they will continue to do so at their next school, professional adventure or in retirement.

Linda Brown, Third-grade teacher/third-grade coordinator (34 years at ULS)

Rob Butler, Assistant Head of School and Head of Middle School (4 years at ULS)

Brock Dunn, Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School (4 years at ULS)

Kristie Jones, Lower School Science Teacher (21 years at ULS)

Maureen Zamboni, Middle School Social Studies Teacher (22 years at ULS)