Supporting students

shape and transform lives

University Liggett School offers many scholarships to students from across the region to give them an opportunity to begin or continue their studies at our school.

Our scholarship programs allow us to recognize and recruit the best and brightest students: those with academic strength and promise, leadership qualities, a range of extracurricular interests, and those who will take part in — and contribute to — the life of the school. We offer both merit and need-based scholarships. These scholarships make a University Liggett School education accessible to students who otherwise might not be able to attend our school, and they elevate our student body and the campus community.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, many of our past scholarship recipients are now excelling in their chosen careers and at competitive colleges across the nation — shaping and transforming their communities and our world. Still, the need for more scholarship funds continues, as University Liggett School receives more requests for financial assistance from qualified students than we ever could fulfill. 

Thank you for your gift