Welcome to the ULS 4A Alumni Association!

The 4A Alumni Association was formed in early 2020 with goal of creating fun and new ways to connect our African American alumni with each other and with the school. Some of the group's main priorities are as follows:

  • Host annual social events (virtually and in-person) to maintain and strengthen alumni relationships
  • To build the "4A Alumni Fund" (through alumni donations) to assist current scholarship students with ancillary costs incurred throughout the school year as requested through the admissions office
  • To establish and foster a network of alumni support for newly admitted and current African American students and their families
  • To help the current 4A Club students, as needed, with their yearly goals and ambitions
  • Establish an African American Alumni Association speaker series - inviting 4A Alumni Association members to speak at ULS events/and student programs throughout the year
  • Promote and communicate internship and job opportunities (through LinkedIn)
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The 4A Alumni Fund: Let's Build It Together!

4A Alumni Fund: Is a financial resource to be used, as needed, by students who might require assistance with unexpected expenses such as dance tickets, event t-shirts, field trip costs, sports swag, etc. These funds will be made available as requested through the Admissions Office.

Thanks to our generous community, this fund has already reached $25,000 and is expected to grow more this year. We will begin spending the money in the 2021-2022 School Year.

Donate now and DOUBLE your donation: Thanks to a generous donation match of $11,000, by alum Aaron Montgomery '96 and his wife Nimisha Parikh all donations made now through December 31, 2021, will be matched dollar for dollar! This means now is a great time to support the school and the students!

Executive Committee


Brandon Celestin '03

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Yolanda Curry '95


Yolanda Curry '95


Thomas Greer '03

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Christianne Sims Malone '00

4A Alumni Association Members - Join Now!

The 4A Alumni Association is already doing important work and having fun too! Even better, the group has been growing since it started. If want to join this terrific new endeavor, please take a minute to sign up below. Once you do, you will be looped in, via email, to 4A Alumni Association news and information... and we may even feature you at our website or in Perspective magazine.

4A Alumni Association Members

Contact Katie Durno at kdurno@uls.org or 313-884-4444, Ext. 414 to join the 4A Alumni Association.

Here is our newest batch of
4A Club Alums from the class of 2021

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