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Senior Gift

The Senior Class Gift Fundraising Campaign encourages parents of the graduating class to come together to honor their graduating seniors with a collective legacy gift to the school. Senior gift campaigns are part of the school’s Annual Fund and gives parents an opportunity to recognize each graduating class. It is a meaningful way for parents to honor their graduating seniors, while leaving a valuable legacy for future generations of University Liggett School students. Senior gift from past classes include memorial trees and benches, restoration of the decorative Knight Armor and Senior Commons renovations.


Trisha Shapiro

Annual Giving Manager


Class of 2021 – Collaborative art piece
Class of 2020 – Student section of bleachers in the Fruehauf Gymnasium
Class of 2019 – Knighthead at center ice at McCann Ice Arena
Class of 2018 – Aided in Naming of George Thanasas Field
Class of 2017 – Knight statue for the Boll Campus Center
Class of 2016 – Paige Stalker scholarship
Class of 2015 – The knighthead on the gym floor in the campus center building
Class of 2014 – Renovations to the Senior Commons
Class of 2010 – Knighthead of US Gym Floor
Class of 2009 – Alumni Crest Flag
Class of 1996 – Gallery Lighting for the Arts Wing
Class of 1993 – Pine Tree in Circle Drive
Class of 1992 – Restoration & Encasement of the Knight Armor
Class of 1988 – Katsura Tree at Cook Rd. Entrance
Class of 1984 – Rivers Beech Tree and Bench
Class of 1981 – Garden in US Library Courtyard
Class of 1980 – Bench outside Science Center Courtyard
Class of 1979 – Mural in Science Wing
Class of 1977 – Knights Armor
Class of 1976 – Bicentennial Courtyard
Class of 1975 – Trees in Main Entrance Driveway