Alumni gifts

Supporting University Liggett School


Since its inception in 1878, University Liggett School has been committed to providing an exceptional education. Our wonderful community of parents, alumni and friends help bring the school’s mission to life for every student. We are honored to have such incredible alumni support to continue University Liggett School's legacy of excellence.

Please join with other alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the school and consider making a gift to support the Annual Fund this year. We’d be honored if you could help our students explore their passions, advance their education and make their own impact on the world.

Thank you to the following alumni who have already made their Annual Fund gift for the 2019-2020 school year.

Your story is our story, and we want to continue to support lifelong journeys of discovery much like the one you started at University Liggett School. As alumni, you know the positive impact of a Liggett education. Your support through our Annual Fund allows us to provide that same experience to future generations who will make meaningful contributions to our community.


Generous contributions to the Annual Fund helps us cover classroom expenses and technology upgrades while also supporting field trips, hands-on and project-based learning experiences in keeping with our tradition of academic excellence.


All contributions are meaningful. Your support of our Annual Fund serves as an affirmative statement of your belief in the academic excellence Liggett offers. Participation in the campaign also encourages other alumni to contribute and spread the positivity, helping us provide the best possible experiences for every child that walks through our doors.

2019-20 Annual Fund: Alumni Donor Honor Roll

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Albrecht '76
Dr. Anthony '81 and Christine Alcantara
Ms. Margot E. Alpert '14
Ms. Katherine E. Andrecovich '04
Jim Barnes '57 GPUS
Mrs. Jennifer Barthel '90 & Mr. David Barthel
Mr. Jeffry M. Bauer '73
Ms. Alesia G. Bicknell '66 GPUS
Ms. Julie M. Borushko '04
Mr. Walter K. Butzu '87 &  Ms. Ava Y. Butzu
Mr. James P. Cargas '84
Ms. Kalli Carson Cooksey '87 & Mr. Gregory Cooksey
Mrs. Therese Chouinard '75 & Mr. Richard A. Chouinard
James '90 and Erika Combs '90
Mr. Richard P. Dahling '77 & Mrs. Nancy L. Sanborn
Lore Moran Dodge '68 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Craig F. Durno '84
Mr. Jack J. Elsey '00
Mr. John D. Evans, Jr. '62 GPUS
Mr. Robert B. Evans, Jr. '64 GPUS
Ms. Ellen J. Farber '11
Mr. James A. Fitzgerald '56 GPUS & Mrs. Patricia Langs Fitzgerald '58 LIG
Mrs. Jennifer Barnhart-Fozo '87 & Dr. Michael S. Fozo '87
Mr. Eugene A. Gargaro III '89
Mrs. Patsy R. Gotfredson '80 & Mr. Edward C. Gotfredson
Mr. Steven Grant '89 & Mrs. Sylvia Grant
Mrs. Lauren J. Harris '02 and Mr. Mathew Harris
Gretchen Knoell and Mark Higbie '75
Anne Hildebrandt Tranchida '92
Kathleen Stanton Hobson '50 LIG
Elizabeth '95 and Andrew Housey
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Huebner '97
Gail Perry Janutol '73
Niki '96 and Bobby Johnson
Mrs. Angela Walton Jones '89 & Mr. Phillip Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Greg P. Jones '07
Mr. & Mrs. Ross J. Kogel '90
Mrs. Marian Gram Laughlin '66 GPUS
Ms. Christianne C. Malone '00
Mrs. Tomasine F. Marx '78
Mr. Tom M. Matthews '77
Mr. & Mrs. David E. McCoy '77
Mr. Robert V. McJennett, D.O. '75
Mrs. Alicia Malik McKay '01 & Mr. Joseph McKay
Mr. Russell A. McNair III '80
Laura Cassin Miller '98
Anne Boomer Milligan '73
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew T. Moroun '91
Mr. Jay O. Navarro '00
Ms. Kassidy L. Olson '12
Mrs. Rebecca O'Reilly '96 &  Mr. Arthur O'Reilly
Mrs. Jane Morris Quinn '72
Dr. Anna N. Rabbani & Dr. Bobak Rabbani '94
Dr. Elizabeth F. Ralstrom '01 & Dr. Samuel G. Blanchard
BB Friedberg Reis '69 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ricci III '94
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Robb '83
Mr. Charles C. Roby '88
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Rose '77
Mr. Jordan D. Rossen '03
Ann Bross Snyder '50 CDS
Mrs. Marla M. Spain '96 and Mr. John Spain
Ms. Paula-Rose Stark '92
Mr. Christopher R. W. D. Stroh '12
Mr. Leonard E. Sullivan '97
Mr. Rahsaan J. Trice '12
Mrs. Kelli K. Unkel '95 and Mr. Kurt Unkel
Dr. Arunima Verma '97 & Dr. Shaun Jayakar '97
Ms. Mara L. Vorhees '89
Mrs. Anne D. Widlak '70
Mrs. Beth M. Wood '89 & Mr. Douglas M. Wood '90
Mr. & Mrs. L. P. Zinn ‘87
*since July 1, 2019