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The James Robb Baubie
Memorial Scholarship

The James Robb Baubie Memorial Scholarship was established in 2000 to honor the life and legacy of James Robb Baubie ’74. The scholarship is awarded to a ninth-grade student who attended Middle School at University Liggett School and has excelled academically and contributed athletically.
Thank you for your support of the
James Robb Baubie Memorial Scholarship
James Robb Baubie

“Robb was full of the strength and energy of life. He was a leader in business and among his friends. Extremely intelligent, intellectually curious and quick-witted. Thoughtful, honest, reliable strong-willied, principled and yet patient. Most importantly, Robb Baubie was one of the most generous, caring, good and kind people I have ever had the honor to meet.”

— Eric Fornell ’74