Thanks to a generous donation from the Clyde and Helen Wu Family Fund, our community has the power to raise $1 million to support our outstanding faculty. The Clyde and Helen Wu Family Fund Challenge will match every dollar you donate up to $500,000! Our Faculty of Excellence campaign is the final fundraising effort before the summer 2020 conclusion of the Sure Foundations comprehensive campaign – we urge you to make a difference today with your donation. 

Click here to learn more about the Clyde and Helen Wu Family Fund's commitment to University Liggett School. 

Your Support Will Be Matched, Dollar For Dollar

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The Faculty of Excellence Campaign

The Faculty of Excellence Campaign is established in honor and appreciation of the outstanding, innovative educators who comprise the University Liggett School faculty, and the exceptional educational experiences they provide. Vital faculty professional development opportunities and rich experiential learning opportunities not only lay the groundwork for an exceptional University Liggett School education but also significantly improve our ability to attract and retain the greatest educators in the Midwest, today and well into the future.

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The Triple Your Impact Challenge was a giant success – raising a one-day total of more than $150,000 in support of our amazing faculty!

Your support also helped us reach our overall goal of $500,000 for the Faculty of Excellence campaign...that makes today a double celebration!!! Triple thanks to all whose gifts on this unique day of fundraising will have an exponential impact on the school's ability to attract, retain and support our world-class educators.

Also, a huge thank you to the Clyde and Helen Wu Family Fund for matching all gifts up to $500,000 and to University Liggett School's Board President, David Nicholson and his wife Kristin for the additional match for yesterday's campaign.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!



Cressie Boggs

Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Stevie Stevens

Middle School English Teacher

“Trust is the most important aspect between a teacher and a student.”

How does Ms. Stevens develop trust?

Karen Katanick

Upper School Art and Art History Teacher

“I establish relationships with my students that continue beyond their years at Liggett. Once they’ve been in my class, they know it is a lifelong friendship.”

Alan Trammel, Xs and hamsters, oh my!


Mr. & Mrs. William H. Albrecht '76
Dr. Anthony '81 & Christine Alcantara
Drs. Lucilo & Elsa Alcantara
Dana M. Alpern & John M. Pollick
Ms. Margot E. Alpert '14
Mr. Philip S. Angell '62 GPUS
Anonymous (13)
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony T. Anusbigian
Dr. Kayvan Ariani '82
Mr. Peter A. Armstrong '64 GPUS
Mrs. Helene Judith Bailey '57 LIG
Philip Balas '70
Mr. & Mrs. Khalid Balaya
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bandos
Mr. Andrew H. Barr '55 GPUS
Mrs. Joan M. Basloe '70 LIG
Ms. Chelsea E. Baumgarten '07
Ms. Nicole Beaudry
& Mr. William Dailey
Mr. & Mrs. Larry O. Becker
Mr. Steven Beckett
& Dr. Sandra Blodgett-Beckett
Dr. Marquita Bedway
& Mr. Alger LaHood
Mrs. Janeen K. Beebe '72
Ms. Karen Walker Beecher '83
Dr. Jennifer L. Bencie '80
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Berger
Dr. & Mrs. Richard N. Berri '92
Bridget McKeever Bettigole '86
and Kyle Bettigole
Ms. Alesia G. Bicknell '66 GPUS
Mr. Bruce D. Birgbauer '60 GPUS
Carrie Birgbauer '93
Ms. Elizabeth D. Black '77
Cressie and Bryan Boggs
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Bond
Denis Bourke '60 GPUS
and Connie Bourke '61 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bracken
Mrs. Stephanie Brett
& Mr. Jeffrey J. Jones
Bart and Chrissy Bronk
Mrs. Linda M. Brown
Doris Ann Brucker '47 CDS
Dr. William S. Brusilow
& Dr. Cynthia Bala-Brusilow
Ms. Leslie Bryant '63 GPUS
& Mr. Norman Schwartz
Ms. Susan B. Bryant-Still '64 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher T. Buescher
Mr. & Mrs. J. Armistead Burwell III '89
Mrs. J. Armistead Burwell, Jr.
Mrs. Gloria Butler Miller
Brian D. and Dorothy F. Cadieux '81
Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Calcagno '86
Lynne Garred Cameron '77
Mrs. Kimberly Carpenter
Mr. Brandon C. Celestin '03
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Chaps
Mrs. Francesca Stratton '70 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Cleek
Ms. Zina Clinton
Mrs. Martha K. Coates '70 LIG
Mrs. Gloria Cohen '63 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Colston
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Connors
Mr. Joseph M. Conway '07
Mr. & Mrs. J. Lewis Cooper III
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Cornell, Jr.
Paula Mighion Cornwall '84
Mr. & Mrs. Michael-James Costanzo
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Counts
Mr. & Ms. Jason Courtright
Ms. Aimee Cowher & Mr. Gary Cone
Mrs. Martha M. Cox '60 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coyro
The Thomas and Carol Cracchiolo
Mr. William G. Curtis IV '55 GPUS
Walter S. Cytacki II '67 GPUS
Mr. Richard P. Dahling '77
& Mrs. Nancy L. Sanborn
Mr. John E. Danaher '70
Mr. William H. Dance, Jr. '72
Mr. David F. Darby '91
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Darby
The Darr Family
Suzie Sisman Decker '58 GPUS
Ms. Erica Denham '95
Ms. Linda M. Denham
Mrs. Kate DeSmet Kulka
& Mr. Paul Kulka
Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Dettlinger
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Dickey
Craig B. Dickson
Ms. Gretchen A. Dorian '68 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Brock Dunn
Ellen Renick Durand '79
Mrs. Eleanor H. Durno '55 GPUS
& Mr. John D. Durno
Dr. & Mrs. Norman Dwaihy
Dr. Renee Dwaihy-Logan
& Mr. James Logan
Mrs. Susan Dyson '61 GPUS
Ms. Royetta Ealba
Ms. Claudia Kuhnlein Eaton '75
Mrs. Sophia L. Ellis
Mr. Jack J. Elsey '00
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fallon
Mrs. Betsy S. Feld '69 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Mason Ferry '57 GPUS
Dr. Rosemarie Fisher
& Dr. John D. Fisher '61 GPUS
Mr. James A. Fitzgerald '56 GPUS
& Mrs. Patricia Langs Fitzgerald '58 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Edsel B. Ford II '66 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ford III '98
Mr. Albert B. Ford '10
Mr. John B. Foster '48 DUS
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Foust
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy V. Fox
Dr. & Mrs. Paul K. Fozo
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Francis


Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Francis
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Galbenski
Mrs. Tracy E. Gapczynski '06
& Mr. Adam Gapczynski
Mr. Eugene A. Gargaro III '89
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Gatzke
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. George '02
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Gersch
Mr. Michael Getz '99
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Getz '70
& Mr. Arthur H. Getz, Jr. '67 GPUS
Mr. John L. Golanty '63 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gouin
Dr. Carol Grant-Holmes
& Mr. Bruce Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Greene
Mr. & Mrs. James Gudenau
Mr. Alain Guedes
The Haggarty Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Razmig Haladjian
Jason and Stacey Hall
The Halso Family
Chad and Kelley Hamilton
Mrs. Gail P. Harley
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Harrington
Mr. & Mrs. Steven V. Harthorn
Mr. Alan E. Hartwick '63 GPUS
Ms. Elizabeth T. Hastie
Rebecca Patterson Hein '51 LIG
Ms. Andrea Henson
Mr. & Mrs. Murley Henson
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Herbert
Dr. & Mrs. Jan F. Herbst
Dr. Mark Herman
& Dr. Shiva Maralani
Ms. Michelle Hicks
Mrs. Susan Higbie '49 CDS
Mr. Lindsey Higginbottom '75
Anne Hildebrandt Tranchida '92
Ms. Stefanie Hodgson
Margaret Holley Sparks '62 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Howbert '55 GPUS
Mr. Jed Howbert '94
Mr. & Mrs. John Ingle
Dr. Naoum P. Issa '85
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Jachim, Jr.
Gail Perry Janutol '73
Drs. John I. & Mary M. Jarad
Mr. Joseph Jennings, Jr. '61 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Karr
David Katz & Jill Alper
Mrs. Martha B. Kellner '62 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kennedy
Mrs. Kristin Wright Kerwin '96
Mr. & Mrs. Garland M. Knight III '81
Gretchen and Mark Higbie '75
Mr. & Mrs. Ric Knorr
Mr. J. Andrew Knote
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kolk
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Kozierowski
Mrs. Wendy C. Krag '57 GPUS
& Mr. William B. Krag
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Krebs
Mrs. Kathleen L. Kurap
Mrs. Susan Hudson Laffrey '83
Mr. Gregory A. LaHood '11
Ms. Lila M. LaHood '92
Ms. Simone M. B. LaHood '08
Ms. Margery Lampe '69 LIG
Mrs. Marian Gram Laughlin '66 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Tuan T. Le
Lisa Brown Lee '98
Dr. & Mrs. James P. Leleszi
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Leonard
Ms. Anne Lilla
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Linkous
Mr. Blaise S. Lippa '94
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Lorant
Dr. Robert E. Love '60 GPUS
Mrs. DeAnn M. Lukas '85
& Mr. Edwin J. Lukas
Mrs. Carolyn Lutz
Mrs. Betsy Maitland '52 CDS
Patrick and Mary Mansfield
Ms. Jennifer Markey & Mr. Shao Ma
Mrs. Patricia T. Mason '55 GPUS
David and Diane Maurer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Maycock, Jr. '48 DUS
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Mazzenga
Mr. David McCauley
Ms. Anne M. McCauley
Mrs. Meredith McClure '70 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. David E. McCoy '77
The Honorable Renee R. McDuffee '70 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. McFarlane
Dr. & Mrs. William J. McFeely, Jr. '84
Maura McKeever '83
Herman and Linda McKenzie
Ens. Stewart E. McLaren, USCG '89
Mr. & Mrs. Francis W. McMillan II '56 GPUS
Ms. Linda S. McPherson '69 GPUS
Ms. Priscilla M. Mead '70 GPUS
& Charles Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Metry
Kristine L. Mighion, M.D. '82
Dr. & Mrs. H. C. Mighion
The Milenius Family
Laura Cassin Miller '98
Anne Boomer Milligan '73
Miss Armaity Minwalla '13
Ms. Zarine Minwalla '15
Ms. Shernaz Minwalla
Mrs. Sandra J. Molitor
Dr. & Mrs. Phillip W. Moss
Mrs. Winifred W. Motherwell '53 LIG
Ms. Amy B. Moulton
Jennifer Dow Murphy '78
Katie Brown Netto '94
Mr. Robert G. Neville '77
Mrs. Elizabeth Niccolini '93 & Mr. David T. Niccolini '92
Mr. & Mrs. David Nicholson

Mr. Douglas Norris
Mr. Walter K. Olson '71
Mr. & Mrs. Craig A. Onderbeke
Mrs. Ann T. Opperthauser '49 LIG
Mrs. Rebecca O'Reilly '96
& Mr. Arthur O'Reilly
Mr. D. E. Overton
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Page
Hervey C. Parke III '61 GPUS
Mrs. Page E. Peabody '86
& Mr. Brian W. Peabody '80
Mr. George M. Perrin '64 GPUS
The Perry Family
Miss Carol E. Peters '75
Raymond & Anna Pitera Charitable
Ms. Ashley Ferrari Steitz '04
Dr. Jacqueline Pradko
& Dr. James Pradko
Joan Primo '77
Jeff '89 and Hilary Prus
Mr. Ian L. Quinlan '11
Dr. Mahdokht Rabbani
The Ralstrom Family - Curt, Fran,
Elizabeth '01, Laura '04 and Christopher '10
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Randazzo '91
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Randazzo
Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Reilly
BB Friedberg Reis '69 GPUS
Mrs. Jane W. Reuther '55 GPUS
& Mr. Alfred R. Reuther, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Cedomir Ristic
Tom '80 and Laura Robinson
Ms. Kathleen Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Rossi
Dr. Arlene Rozzelle
& Mr. Donald Wray
Mr. Reade H. Ryan, Jr. '55 GPUS
Ms. Julie Ryan '80
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Scarfone, Sr. '83
A. Paul and Carol C. Schaap
Dr. James U. Scott '73
Fred and Darcy Scott
Lynn Johnston Scoville '55 GPUS
Ms. Evelyn M. Scoville '81
Ms. Dianne L. Seeber '70 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Adan Serratos
Victoria Serventi
Sara Hendrie Sessions '74
Mrs. Karolyn A. Sewell '64 LIG
& Mr. Christopher Sewell
Mr. Robert Shade
Mrs. Margaret Van De Graaf Shannon '63 GPUS
& Mr. Robert Shannon
Trisha and M.G. Shapiro
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Shelden, Jr. '68 GPUS
Mrs. Catherine Sphire Shell '79
& Mr. Jeffrey W. Shell, Sr.
Mr. Samuel B. Sherer '51 DUS
& Mrs. Elise H. Sherer '51 CDS
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Sherer Sr.
Ms. Georgia Shreve '65 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Sikora
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd F. Simpson
Curtis Slotkin '63 GPUS
Mr. Tony Smith & Ms. Elena Centeio
Ken & Maureen Solak
Mrs. Martha J. Speer '47 CDS
Mrs. Judith R. Spurgin '54 CDS
Ms. Paula-Rose Stark '92
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Steitz
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stevens '60 GPUS
Mrs. Kathleen Stewart '58 GPUS
& Mr. James M. Stewart '57 GPUS
Mrs. Helen E. Stone '56 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Strong
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Sword
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Szajenko
Ms. Thomasina Tedesco
Mr. & Mrs. Leland M. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Thomas
Susan Stuckey Thoms, M.D. '66 LIG
Ms. Sarah Thurber '82
& Mr. Blair Miller
Mrs. Reba J. Torongo
Ms. Michelle L. Treadaway
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Trim
Claudia M. Tyler '77
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Updike
Ms. Marie Denholm '69 GPUS
The Rev'd & Mrs. Thomas Van Culin
John Van De Graaf '62 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Van Elslander '82
Ms. Karen E. Van Riper '64 GPUS
Mrs. Karen Villegas
Mr. & Mrs. Percy P. Vreeken
Ms. Elizabeth Wagenschutz
& Mr. Craig Salvona
Mr. Joseph J. Walker III '81
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Wall
Ms. Mary K. Warren '81
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Warren, Jr.
Ms. Hilary E. Whittaker '47 CDS
Martin F. Wieczorek '71
Mr. Steven M. Wieczorek '72
Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Wise
Alison Q. Wolfson '73
Bob and Kathy Wood
Mrs. Beth M. Wood '89
& Mr. Douglas M. Wood '90
Mrs. Michelle Wooddell
Susan Valk Woolworth '72
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Wright
Drs. David '83 & Bernadine Wu
Mrs. Carolyn Wujek
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Wysocki
The Yoshida Family
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zampardo
Ms. Han Zhang & Mr. Jing Zho