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From The Darkness

By Dr. Phillip W. Moss
Chair, Creative and Performing Arts

There is a term in the theater to describe the stage space when there are no performances or rehearsals scheduled. The space is dark…our stage has been dark for 192 days. The Liggett Players were lucky to have the opportunity to complete the season last year. Strong performances in the fall show turned into an excellent presentation at December’s state theater festival. Rolling right into the winter, the Players toured New York and saw their classmate Antonio Cipriano in “Jagged Little Pill.” They jumped right into performances of “Cinderella Enchanted” and finished the season by posting the show “on the wall,” the tradition of painting the show logo on the back wall of the auditorium. Then the stage went dark.

This is the longest that I know the stage has been dark since my arrival in 1983-1984.

Last night props were moved on to the stage, and the lights came upon a new season. A live, on stage, socially distanced rehearsal ended the streak of 192 days of dark nights. Ventilation was increased, new air filters in place, sanitized, fogged, and in every way possible distanced, the Liggett Players took the stage again. Always ready to shift, adapt, create, and innovate the group has made plans and backup plans. Live face to face performances with social distanced audiences? Live with a simulcast to virtual audiences, or even zoom performances are all possibilities. No matter where science, the CDC, the state, county or local authorities turn, we are ready. Lights up! The dark nights are over, for now!