Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame

The Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame was created to honor and celebrate our many wonderful alumni athletes and the rich athletic history at University Liggett School.

2022 Athletic Hall of Fame inductees

Our 2022 Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame inductees were reviewed and selected by our Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Committee which is comprised of inductees, past and current coaches, our athletic department staff, and our alumni relations manager.

The Class of 2022

Bruce Birgbauer '60 GPUS

Bruce Birgbauer
1960 GPUS

Kevin Whitfield '91

Kevin Whitfield 

Tripp Tracy '92

Emmet “Tripp” Tracy III 

Monte B&W

Monte Squiers

Class of 2022 Ceremony Photos

Past Recipients

Class of 2020
Richard Trim, Coach/Teacher
Brian Bruenton '98
Kirk Haggarty '86
Tomasine Polizzi Marx '78
Michael C. Ware '69 GPUS

Class of 2019
Heidi Henkel McGarry ‘82
JT Parks ‘83
Chris Ford ‘96
Leython Williams ’03
Jim Schmidt, Faculty/Coach Emeritus (posthumous)

Class of 2018
Susie Mascarin Keane '82
Katherine Riddle Miller '96
CR Moultry '99
David Backhurst, Faculty/Coach Emeritus

Class of 2017
Glynn Conley ‘59 GPUS, Faculty/Coach Emeritus
Jimmy Carson ‘86
Martina Jerant ‘91
Michael Fox ‘93

Class of 2016
John Welchli ‘46 DUS
Megan Brady Hishmeh ‘89
Jennifer Miller ‘92
Romilly Brigid McMahon Stackpoole, Faculty/Coach Emerita

Class of 2015
Neil “Shorty” McMillan ‘08 DUS (posthumous)
Jack Foster ‘48 DUS
Peter Monroe ‘61 GPUS
William Hummel ‘78
Paula Mighion Cornwall ‘84

Class of 2014
George Haggarty ‘59 GPUS
Harris Brown ‘66 GPUS
Marty Wittmer ‘83
Monica Paul Dennis ‘92

Class of 2013
John Neil Patterson ‘06 DUS (posthumous)
David Rentschler ’52 DUS (posthumous)
George Perrin ’64 GPUS
Laura Khelokian Byron ‘87
Gene Overton, Faculty Emeritus

Class of 2012
Bob Wood ’59 GPUS
Art Getz ’67 GPUS
Allen Taber ‘80
Heather Heidel Petty ’93
Kevin Crociata ’90
Lauren Ealba Harris ’02
Muriel Brock, Faculty/Coach Emerita

Class of 2011 – Inaugural Class
Bruce Garbutt '53 DUS
Chuck Wright '66 GPUS
Onnie Killifer '74
Andrea Kincannon '83
Mike Coello ‘90
Doug Wood ‘90


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