Give to the 4A Alumni Fund

4A Alumni Fund: Is a financial resource to be used, as needed, by students who might require assistance with unexpected expenses such as dance tickets, event t-shirts, field trip costs, sports swag, etc. These funds will be made available as requested through the Admissions Office.

Donate Now and Double Your Donation: Mr. Bob Garvey (parent of alumni and former trustee) has generously agreed to match all funds raised for the 4A Alumni Fund up to $5,000 now through June 30, 2021. This means that your donation will be matched, dollar for dollar until the match runs out.

Please consider a donation to this new fund today! Thank you in advance to you and to Mr. Garvey for his generosity and support of ULS and the 4A Alumni Fund!

Announcing the 4A Alumni Association!

This past January (pre-COVID!), Erica Denham ’95 and a former 4A Club student approached the Alumni Office with an idea to form an African American Alumni affinity group. The plan was to officially launch this effort over Alumni Weekend 2020 in the form of a big fun event somewhere in Detroit. Soon Alumni Board members Christianne Malone ’00 and Yolanda Curry ’95 joined Erica to help build and promote this new initiative. Needless to say, plans were altered as the Coronavirus spread around the globe, but we decided to forge ahead anyway and we held our inaugural 4A Alumni Association event virtually on May 15, 2020. Over 40 Alumni were on the Zoom call and we even had some “guest stars” including Mrs. Katanick and 4A Club Founder, Ms. Jackson (Carla Young). It was a terrific event filled with great stories and of course many alums who hadn’t seen each other in ages. The discussion was fun and touching and everyone agreed that they, as alumni, wanted to help support each other and current African American students at ULS.

4A Alumni Association Mission & Goals

  • To establish a network of alumni support and mentor program for newly admitted and current African American students and their families
  • To serve as advisors to the current 4A Club and assist this group of students with their yearly goals and ambitions
  • To establish a the “4A Fund” (through alumni donations) to assist a student or students with ancillary costs incurred throughout the school year as needed and requested
  • Host annual events to maintain alumni relationships (ex. Holiday mixers) and welcome incoming students and their families into the ULS family (summer gathering)
  • Promote and communicate internship and job opportunities
  • Establish an African American Alumni Association speaker series – inviting 4A Alumni Association members to speak at ULS events/and student programs throughout the year

4A Alumni Association Members

The 4A Alumni Association is already doing important work and having lots of fun on Zoom calls too! We have lots of plans and ideas and if you want to join this terrific new endeavor, please take a minute to sign up below. Once you do, you will be looped in, via email, 4A Alumni Association news and information.

Executive Committee

Brandon Celestin ‘03

Yolanda Curry ‘95

Erica Denham ‘95

Thomas Greer ‘03

Christianne Sims Malone ‘00

Christianne Malone ‘00
Yolanda Curry ‘95
Erica Denham ‘95
Danne Johnson ‘87
Celeste Hubbard ‘00
Lauren N'Namdi ‘96
Harisen Davis ‘21
Natasha Moulton-Levy ‘91
Meredith Jackson ’69 GPUS
Thomas Greer ‘03

Kristin Kerwin Wright ‘96
Raven Martin ‘97
Saudia Tate ‘18
Tameka Strong ‘93
Aaron Lewis ‘93
Jamila Hodge Hoard ‘94
Kita Bailey ‘94
Tiffany Battle ‘94
Brandon Celestin ‘03
Tabora Constantennia ‘91

Angela Campbell ‘91
Rasheen Carbin ‘94
Madison Baltimore ‘19
Leonard Sullivan ‘98
Karen Katanick, Faculty Emeritus
Nicholas Maitland ‘00
Kania Kennedy '93
Sherita Rankins ‘01
Jason Cooper ‘98
Melanie Spangler ‘98

Aaron Montgomery ‘96
Rachel Young ‘96
Carla Young, Former Faculty
Kemba N'Namdi ‘90
Alicia (Malik) McKay '01
Kevin Espy ‘98
Leslie Allen ‘97
Dawn Espy ‘03
William Middlebooks ‘87
Theresa Oney Brooks ‘96