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It Starts With Your Investment

University Liggett School offers the advantages and opportunities that only a premier independent school can provide. Many families view a University Liggett School education as the foundation that protects their future college investment.

We are committed to enrolling the most outstanding applicants, regardless of their ability to pay. Tuition assistance is available to families that apply and demonstrate a need by completing a financial aid application.

Others are investing, too

The cost of educating one student is actually greater than our tuition. To help bridge the gap, University Liggett School seeks funding from foundations that support excellence in education, holds fund-raising events, uses income from the endowment, and relies on gifts to the Annual Fund. Every University Liggett School student benefits from the generosity of our donors.

Support for the Annual Fund amongst faculty, staff and the Board of Trustees consistently holds at 100%, a reflection of their commitment to University Liggett School’s mission and students. 

Our alumni recognize the importance of University Liggett School's mission and many choose to give back to the school in the form of merit scholarships for our students. Their generosity assists University Liggett School in its commitment to remaining accessible to all students and to attract the best and brightest in the Detroit Metro area.

Hear from parents about why they chose University Liggett School

2020-2021 Tuition Rates*

PreKindergarten (3 Year-Olds)Tuition
PreK Three Half Days$8,240
PreK Three Full Days$11,755
PreK Five Half Days$12,360
PreK Five Full Days$18,220
PreKindergarten (4 Year-Olds)Tuition
PreK Five Half Days$12,360
PreK Five Full Days$18,220
PreK +3 Afternoons$15,875
Lower SchoolTuition
Grade K-2$23,445
Grade 3-5$24,020
Middle SchoolTuition
Grade 6-7$25,865
Grade 8$26,110
Upper SchoolTuition
Grade 9-12$30,840
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Liggett School

*tuition rates are set annually by our Board of Trustees.

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Liggett School

  • Mihaela Mazzenga

    Mihaela Mazzenga
    Parent of two Lower School students

    “We found the admissions process to be very transparent and straight-forward. It was just as important for us to feel like our children were a fit as it was for Liggett to evaluate the same. The one-on-one meetings and classroom shadowing program made the process feel very intimate, which gives an opportunity to evaluate each child on an individualized basis and look beyond just transcripts."

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