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A University Liggett School education prepares and inspires students for their next stage of learning. Every graduate goes on to college-level higher education fitting their passions and expectations, with most going to their first choice institutions.

Recent Liggett Merit Scholars have gone on to some of the finest institutions in the world

We meet the needs of every student

Our college guidance counselors can help students create a unique plan tailored to finding a purpose and place in the world. With one counselor for every 35 students, our staff will spot more time building one-on-one relationships, stimulating our students’ curiosity and giving them the chance to accomplish great things. 2018 College Acceptances

What Our Graduates Say

"Liggett taught me that I was a leader and taught me to embrace that part of my identity. It taught me that my life should not be 100 percent academic. If Liggett hadn't taught me that, I think I would've spent my freshman year in my dorm room studying. Instead I immediately joined a choir and two clubs. I am now part of the specialty staff in the dorms and am on the executive board of my choir. Without Liggett, it would have taken me a long time to realize my potential as a leader."

"At The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, I invited a professor for lunch because she is a guru in the non-profit world and I wanted to learn more about her work. Because of the Liggett culture, I had the confidence to invite her to lunch and have an academic conversation. It is what I did for the past four years at Liggett."