Advancing Exploration

Beyond the Classroom


Our Prekindergarten students are engaged in a rich program of visual and performing arts taught by teachers with deep experiences in their field. Music, art and physical education lessons are regularly integrated with project approach work and seasonal concepts to further extend classroom learning.

Visual Arts

Visual arts are taught from a child-centered and hands-on experience approach. Students explore drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking and sculpture. Additionally, students explore a variety of mediums during art activities in their classrooms.

Orff Music

Music is taught through a song-based curriculum, which encourages moving, listening, singing and rhythm. Creative movement allows children to combine singing and gross-motor practice. Basic instruments are explored to encourage development with rhythm.

Physical Education

Our goal is to enhance each child’s physical fitness, to provide enjoyment through movement and participation and to encourage good sportsmanship without an emphasis on competition. The Pre-K physical education program purposefully -- and joyfully -- introduces and builds on students' critical locomotor, manipulative and interpersonal skills.

Outdoor Education

Experiencing the world outside and discovering all it has to offer is a central experience of our Prekindergarden program. Our youngest students learn through play in nearly every weather condition, from fort building in the snow to harvesting and examining sunflowers in the garden each fall. Our outdoor education reinforces the importance of our connection to the natural world and gives our students plenty of time to think, feel and do.