Our Approach to Learning

Informing to inspire, not teaching to test.

Evolved from decades of forward-thinking educational principles and practice, University Liggett School's approach is to provide a path on which student learning is driven by natural curiosities and passions. Every stage of learning, within every academic division, equips students to gain, understand and apply knowledge through the powerful act of inquiry.

Each of our students -- from the youngest inquisitive minds to our most critical-thinking seniors -- are encouraged to find the answers to their own questions and assume agency over the educational experience, as a result. We facilitate this by building our academics programs and process around:

  • An approach that emphasizes metacognition, and a balanced focus on each element of cognition
  • An approach that strengthens discipline-specific skills through pro-active and experiential exercises, including student-guided exploration and relevant practical labs.
  • An approach that champions research -- including inquiry, marshaling resources, and thinking routines -- as the ultimate technique for building meaningful connections between students and information.
  • An approach both stimulated by and dependent on confident communication through written, visual and oral expression, and social and community outreach and collaboration.

Seize the Opportunity to Soar

A University Liggett School education empowers students to break through boundaries. Own their academic growth. Flourish through failure. Understand through experience. Revel in their differences, talents, and strengths. We approach every student and each day from a place of pure and limitless possibility, with our holistic approach to learning and an environment that supports meaningful risks and rewards.

From our youngest learners on up, University Liggett Students are given the tools and the confidence to answer their own questions and cultivate their passions, thereby assuring an understanding of the world that is deeply, individually meaningful.

University Liggett School’s approach to learning lays a foundation upon which students probe, evaluate and absorb what they discover and then demonstrate what they have learned. And that process is what gives our students the freedom to learn on their terms and bring to bear that knowledge for the good of our world.

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